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                             Moore County Reading Association of NC                


                                                                  A local council of the North Carolina Reading Association, Inc. &

                                                          an affiliate of the International Literacy Association


"Building & Designing the Future"

Click here for the NCRA presentation on the 2022 Young Authors Project.The theme for the Young Authors’ Project is Building and Designing the FutureParticipants are asked to write about the foundations behind the things we build, or create, so that it lasts into, or has an effect on, the future. This theme can be interpreted and expressed in a variety of ways and can include the following ideas and perspectives:

  • Build/design concrete or abstract things for the future.
  • Tell how building/designing various things can affect the future -- in good or bad  ways.
  • Write about an invention or inventor that has changed the world.
  • Design/create a solution for a problem in today's world.
  • Tell about your life as it might be in the future.
  • Describe a new sport/job for the future.
  • Discuss and expand on a famous quote about the future.
  • Create something new, such as: a recipe, super hero, school, medicine, vehicle or city of the future.
  • Describe a group/team project that can, or has, benefitted the future of your school, community or world. 


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Artwork Entry Form - English

Artwork Entry Form - Spanish

Principles & Elements of Design

Artwork Judging Rubric


  • Click here for the NCRA PowerPoint presentation on the 2022 Young Authors Writing Project.